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Fluorescent Pigmentsas Marking Agents for Aquatic Insects

Fluorescent Pigmentsas Marking Agents for Aquatic Insects

M. A. Brusven

Practical methods for artificially marking insect populations for study in their natural envitonment pose many problems. To a large degree, these vary with the requirements of the investigation and information being sought. Various methods have been used for marking insects and generally can be categorized as radioactive or nonradioactive. Most methods have both desirable and objectionable characteristics. Criteria for an
effective marking material should be: 1) persistent detectable characrer; 2.i easy ro aPPly; 3) effective for selective and mass application; 4) nontoxic; and 5) of minimal effect on bihavior of organisms. Seldom are all these characteristics attained; equipmentimg effort and objectives dictate limitations

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